Exchanges offers you facility in buying and exchanging cryptocoins through a platform or a website – the prices are based on the market value of the given assets. The objective is to connect interested investors on a security and practical way.


All works on an easy way: if you want to buy or sell cryptocoins, you need to to tell how much you are interested in buying or to receive for selling. You do this through your Exchange, that will give you the support you need.


Fiat to Crypto
Fiat to Crypto exchanges your fiat money (Pounds, Dollars, Euros etc) to another cryptoncoin.
(Destaque) Golden tip: it is a good option if you are just starting in all this, because Fiat to Crypto offers an easy and safe way to switch to cryptocoins.

Crypto to Crypto
If you want to Exchange a cryptocoin for another type of cryptocoin, you should choose “Crypto to Crypto”.

Golden tip: If you are a newcomer to cryptocurrency, we advice you to invest at fiat crypto exchanges – so you can start building a crypto coin portfolio – and later you can migrate to a crypto crypto exchange.


Investment Consulting

The changes in the market can be a risky and a real game, but also can be a great opportunity if you are prepared. Be ready to invest with Bittech Wallet. While you focus on your goals, our professionals focus on how to support you, so you can make your dreams come true.

Security and privacy

Only you can access your password, by the way, when you register yourself, we make sure you choose a strong password. We have a commitment with your security and safety, so you do not need to worry, we ensure you that we will never access your personal information – your private data are safe.

Cheaper than your bank

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have certain advantages over bank institutions. There’s no need of third parties, so it means considerably cutting down time it takes to settle a transfer and the fees involved. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in investments with no guarantee of profits.


Personalized service

Allied to technology, our specialists work to understand your necessities and goals, that’s why we can always offer you a personalized service – and exactly what you need. Count on Bittech Wallet to give the support you need, when you need it. Our professionals are always ready to guide you since the first steps.

Easier and faster

We makes cryptocurrencey easier and faster for you. An automated arbitrage system yields profits for customers based on real-time movements in the cryptocurrency market, then our proprietary algorithm buys bitcoin when it is cheaper, and sells when it is more expensive. Less complications for you!

Time is value

Digital currency market is dynamic and requires a simple and agile system to optimize your time. That’s why you can count on Bicttech Wallet. We understand the value of your time, so we offer all you need to have efficiency and convenience. And no waste of time. With us is easier to buy cryptocoins!


You have an easy and secure way to keep your coins: on your wallet. These “wallets” are softwares that allow you to keep your cryptocoins safe – you can do that with private keys, that allows you to have access to records of the blockchain. There’s more than one type of wallet available and you can choose which one you want.


  • Mobile
    This type of wallet will keep offers privacy and offers you the possibility to make exchanges with a QR Code.


  • Web
    It keeps private keys in a server connected to the internet. This wallet offers you mobility, because you can have access through others gadgets.


  • Desktop
    This one is instaled on your computer, but it can’t be accessed by network, it means more security for you.


  • How to create a wallet
    In Bittech, when you sign up a cryptocurrency wallets is automatically created – there is no need to create one.

Count on Bittech to choose a better option for you.